Dagenham Locksmiths – 24 Hours a Day

We specialise in repairing, upgrading and replacing all manner of locks to the people of Dagenham. We do all we can to help you to improve the security of your home so you can relax knowing that your house will be safe and secure when you are not there. Most people we do work for, have UPVC windows and doors. We always try to recommend the best locking system for these and cylinder locks would be the more commonly locks we use. When these locks get broken, we would normally just replace the cylinder. The worst case scenario would be to remove the whole system and replace it with a more secure lock which will have a 5 or 6 pin cylinder. This will not be too expensive and can sometimes be the better option. We know how frustrating it can be when something is broken so we will fix it as quickly as we can. You really will be getting the best service possible with PJ Locksmiths.

“I was surprised how quick the Locksmith got me into my house and he was the cheapest around. Very pleased with the service and would definitely recommend him.”

W.A, Dagenham