As well as our door lock repairs and maintenance services, we also specialise in window locks and repairs. During a break in many burglars may find it easier to break in through a window rather than a door. It may be a lot easier for them to do this especially in the summer months as the windows may already be open to some extent. Therefore our clients often require window repairs to be conducted after this has happened.

We will only fit British standard approved locks to your windows. Our specialists will always explain to you what work they have carried out and will tell you exactly how your new locks work.

Whether you live in UpminsterDagenham or live in the Romford area and are in need of our services, then we can arrive on the scene within 25 minutes and ensure that your window locks are working exactly how they should be. If they are not we will fix or replace them as soon as we find any faults with them. If you require an added level of security then we can upgrade your old window locks with our modern, state of the art locking systems.

Window Locks