Comprehensive Double Glazed Window and Door Services

At PJ Locksmiths, we specialize not only in uPVC door repairs and installations but also in a range of services for double glazed windows and doors. Understanding the critical role these features play in your home or business, we’re dedicated to maintaining their functionality and security. Our expanded services include:

  1. Replacement of Sealed Window Units: We offer expert replacement services for sealed window units, ensuring improved insulation and energy efficiency.
  2. Adjustment of Double Glazed Windows and Doors: Proper alignment is key to optimal performance. Our team excels in adjusting double glazed windows and doors for smooth operation.
  3. Locks and Handle Replacements for Double Glazed Windows: Enhance your security with our lock and handle replacement services for double glazed windows.
  4. Repair of Tilt and Turn Windows: Specialized in fixing tilt and turn windows, we ensure they function seamlessly for ease of use and enhanced security.
  5. Seal and Gasket Replacements for Windows and Doors: Keep your space weatherproof and energy-efficient with our window and door seal and gasket replacement services.
  6. Double Glazed Door Panel Replacement: Upgrade or repair your double glazed door panels with our top-quality replacements for enhanced aesthetics and security.

Reliable and Efficient Service

Our team at PJ Locksmiths is equipped to address these needs promptly and efficiently. We understand that issues with windows and doors can be a significant inconvenience and security risk. That’s why we offer timely, high-quality services to restore your double glazed features to their optimal condition.

Maintenance and Emergency Services

Regular maintenance is crucial for the longevity of your double glazed windows and doors. We provide valuable advice and services to keep them in top shape. Additionally, our 24/7 emergency service ensures that we’re always available to address your urgent needs.

Clean, Respectful, and Widespread Service

As always, we respect your space, ensuring minimal disruption and a clean environment post-service. Serving Essex and beyond, PJ Locksmiths is your go-to for expert advice and quality service for all your double glazed window and door needs.

Contact Us Today

For any inquiries or to schedule our services, feel free to contact PJ Locksmiths. Your security and satisfaction remain our top priorities.