Answers to the most common questions about our locksmith services.

How much will it cost to open my lock?

It all depends on the standard of the lock/location/lock parts needed (maybe you will need a new lock barrel). We can come and have a look for you and give you a price once we have established the extent of the problem.

I have been locked out of my house. How quickly can you get to me as I will require your services?

We aim to be there within 30 minutes. If you can leave your mobile number with us, we can contact you if we know we are going to be longer due to bad traffic.

Once you have completed a job, how would you like to be paid?

We accept most credit/debit Cards, Cash, Bank transfer and even cheques if you ask nicely.

I have been broken into, is it possible for you to be able to come as soon as possible and secure my property?

Yes, we will try and get to you as quickly as possible and will be able to replace any broken locks that need replacing. We will also give you all the security advice needed to help prevent this happening again.

My door will not open or close correctly, can you tell me why this is happening?

There could be many reasons why this is happening. It maybe that the hinge will need a slight adjustment, there could be a lock malfunction or perhaps there is something stuck in the barrel. If you like, we could come and have a look at it for you and then correct whatever needs fixing.

Is it possible for you to upgrade my locks?

Yes, we can certainly do this for you, we will give you free impartial security advice and will be able to fit British Standards locks needed for your property.

Can you fit cheap locks for us?

We can fit all types of locks to any budget but we really do advice you to go for the higher quality, better security rated locks. Why compromise on your family’s safety and security to save yourself some money?

Are you insured? What happens if you damage my door?

Yes we are fully insured and can assure that your door will not get damaged as we use our non-destructive lock opening tools and the latest techniques.

My window opening mechanism is failing, can you fix this?

Yes, I am sure we can fix this. Just let us know when it is convenient for you and we will come and have a look at it. We will then give you the best advice on what we can do.

I have lost my house key. Will it be possible for you to get me back into my house and will you be able to give me a new key?

We will be able to gain entry into your house. We will then replace your old lock with a new one and give you a new set of keys to go with it.

I have lost my shed padlock keys, can you help?

Yes, we will either be able to defeat, remove or cut off the old padlock and then supply or fit a new lock and bracket (hasp and padlock) if this is needed.

My Key has snapped in the lock barrel, can you extract it?

On most occasions we can remove it. If this is not possible because the key is twisted, we will then have to drill, snap or replace the lock for you. This is easily done and will cause no damage to your door.

How do you open my door lock?

It really depends on the state of the lock. We will either pick it, drill it, snap it, slip it or bypass it. We can only evaluate the situation once we visit your location, so just give us a call and we will come out to you as soon as we can.

Can I send you a photo of my lock, will that help you?

Yes, that is a great idea. You can send a photo either by email to or send us a photo via text to 07760 154893.

I have found that my door handles are really loose, is this something you can help me with?

Normally this means that they are very worn and probably all need replacing. We suggest you give us a call before it falls off in your hand and we can see if they need changing or maybe they just need tightening. This is an easy job that we can do in no time at all.

How much does a call out cost?

Unlike some companies, we do not charge for call out. Once we are at your house or flat we are confident that you will be happy with our suggestions and our quote and will want us to carry out the service you require.

I work throughout the week, will you be able to come and see me in the evening or at the weekend?

Yes, this will not be a problem, we work 7 days a week, 24 hours a day so give us a call and we will arrange a time that is suitable for you.

If my key breaks inside a lock, should I try to get it out myself?

You may be tempted to try but can cause further damage. We do recommend you call us professionals to do it as we have the specialist tools needed. Please keep the other part to the broken key as we will be able to match it to the correct replacement.