New door

Today i was called to a property in Grays where the customer had a new door fitted with a high security cylinder with a thumbturn. This particular make of thumbturn cylinder does not allow the key to work on the outside if the knob on the thumbturn is not in the correct position so the customer was locked out. The company that installed the door did advise the customer of this and if this happened they would not be getting in through the front door but they rushed out  the door and the knob was pointing upwards. I arrived and opened the door with no damage and the customer has requested the cylinder to be changed

Broken key and locked out

Today i attended a property in chafford hundred grays. The owner had used pj locksmiths a couple of years ago and kept my number. When i arrived they were locked out with a key snapped in the cylinder.  I gained entry to the property and removed the broken key. After testing the cylinder it felt a bit notchy. none of the keys were were very good.  I advised they changed the cylinder whilst i was there. They agreed and  had a much higher security cylinder fitted.


Attempted break in

Today i was called to a property in Grays ,someone had tried to force the back door open . They did not get in but the owner was having problems opening and locking the door. I had a good close look at both the lock mechanism and the keeps and noticed lock was binding on the centre keep . I adjusted the keep and the door and the locking is now fine