New door

Today i was called to a property in Grays where the customer had a new door fitted with a high security cylinder with a thumbturn. This particular make of thumbturn cylinder does not allow the key to work on the outside if the knob on the thumbturn is not in the correct position so the customer was locked out. The company that installed the door did advise the customer of this and if this happened they would not be getting in through the front door but they rushed out  the door and the knob was pointing upwards. I arrived and opened the door with no damage and the customer has requested the cylinder to be changed

Xmas time

Today another 2 lockouts, it must be that time of year people rushing around hands full next thing they know the door is shut and the keys are inside. Call pj Locksmiths and we will do our best to get you in with no damage keeping the price down. You dont want to be paying excessive prices not with christmas round the corner

Keys behind door

Today I was called to a property where a family member had locked the door and put the chubb (mortice) lock keys through the letter  not knowing no one else had that key to get in. The owner had tried her best to hook the keys through the letter box before she called me. I arrived on site within  30 minutes of the call managed to pick the mortice lock open within 10 minutes keeping the cost to the customer down as there was no drilling and replacing the lock and the customer was able to carry on with the rest of her evening

Faulty night latch (yale)

Today I was called to a flat in Aveley where the owner could not get in evening though he had the key, I tried to open the door with the key but the latch was not retracting after trying various ways to open the door it still would not open. After lots of drilling and patience we finally got the door open no damage to the door itself.i have a roller bolt nightlatch on the van fitted it to the door. After looking at the old nightlatch it was a cheap trade make and the working parts inside and failed

Key will not open door

Today I was called to a property with a wooden door and the key will not turn to open the yale lock.When this happens it usually is the snib has dropped down or in this case builders had put the snib down so whilst they are loading tbe van they did not get locked out then slammed the door shut when they left. With the right tools and some patience the customer was in and no need to change any locks

Nightlatch problems

Yesterday I was called by a customer who had left her property as usual but returned to find her key would not turn. After asking some questions I came to the conclusion the snib had dropped down on the nightlatch i gave her a price to gain entry she said she would ring around first. She rang me back 20 minutes later and asked I was going to smash the lock off I replied that would be a last resort if I can not open it without any damage. she asked me to go round asap to open the door after setting up the tools she was in with no damage and now new keys,happy customer

Lock out

DSC_0058Yesterday I was called out to a property where the the tenant had left a key on the inside of the door which prevents the key on the outside working. I have been called to this property before with the same problem. The issue with this door is the letter box is down at the bottom of the door which makes gaining entry a problem but with the right tools and a boroscope (camera) the customer was in his property with no damage and no lock change. I advised the customer he would be better having a thumbturn cylinder fitted this will stop this happening as the knob on the inside stops you leaving the key on the inside

House Keys inside Property

I was called to chadwell heath the customer had gone out with a set of keys but left a set on the inside in the barrel .We got him in and was making tea within minutes.