Care home

Today i attended a property in Romford. The owners required the locks changed . The front door was a double set in which i changed the cylinders and adjusted the doors so the doors would lock. The next was an old metal door and the last was a reasonably new upvc door.


New Gu mechanism

I was called to a property in Chadwell St Mary near Tilbury . The inside handle was rotating and not working the mechanism . I removed the handles to find the section where the spindle goes through had broken up. The mechanism was made by GU and the older style Gu centre case in no longer available apart from some very bad copies   . I ordered the new style GU mechanism which went straight on and only had to move the centre keep i also fitted a new cylinder so every componant is new.

Snapped key

Today i attended a property where the key had snapped in the cylinder, i checked the cylinder to find the cam had moved round so the key cannot be removed when the door is looked. I informed the customer of the difference of where the cams should be when the key is removed . I fitted a dual finish cylinder and asked the customer to try the door inside and out and she was very happy with the quick services and gave pj locksmiths a good review on facebook

Faulty euro cylinder

I was called to a property where the customer had opened his door and as he took the key out the cylinder fell to pieces. I arrived removed what was left of the cylinder and replaced it with a new one so the customer could leave the property. 

Sliding door

Today a customer who I have been to on a few occasions asked me to have a look her sliding door. When I got there the handle was tied to the curtain tie holder with a belt as the door would not lock. I removed the belt tested the lock in the open position it worked Once the door was closed it would not lock then  I shut the and tilted the top towards the frame and it locked  the rear roller had dropped. On the van I have a long screw drive that reaches tbe roller I adjusted the the rollers and the door locks

Holiday lock problems

DSC_0097Yesterday I was called to a property in south Ockendon where the owners were away and friends were looking after their dog.the front door would not open as easily as it should. I arrived to find the latch was not retracting when using the key from the outside. I put a solid spindle in to make it better. I informed the owners of the problem and the price of a new lock system. The owners wanted me to fit a new system as the house was up for sale. I ordered the new system it arrived the next day I fitted it. The friends checked it all was good.

lost keys

Today I was called out to Brentwood to a customer who had lost his keys whilst out shopping. He was able to get in but was unhappy knowing his keys were out there somewhere and someone may have picked them up and followed him to see where he lived. As a precaution I changed the night latch barrel or Yale lock as it is known and the mortise lock or Chubb lock. The customer was happy knowing that if someone had picked up his keys they could not get in his house

mortise lock

IMG_20151228_093810Today I have had a customers who requires extra security on his front door as he is applying for a shot gun licence. I have fitted an ERA 5 lever British standard insurance approved lock. I also checked the back door and windows to make sure they are all up to standard.


obsolete door mechanisms

IMG_20151219_140008Had a customer in Aveley with a faulty door mechanism. This was no longer available. I was offered an alternative which fitted in place of the original with no cutting holes and it lined up with old keeps on the frame so no holes on show there. With new handles and a new cylinder the door latched and locked like new with no unsightly holes

Locked Out

A customer couldn’t get in her flat in South Ockendon as the snib had dropped down.she rang another locksmith who said he would have to drill the cylinder then smash the lock off.Then he would have to fit a new night latch for £120.With the correct tool I lifted up the snub turned the key she was in all for £50 no new lock required