The Evolution of Lock Technology | What is best for your lock?

Lock technology has come a long way from the days of simple mechanical locks to today’s advanced smart locks. This evolution reflects the growing need for enhanced security and convenience in both residential and commercial properties. Let’s explore this fascinating journey and highlight some of the latest innovations in lock technology, including offerings from Kobu Technologies.

Traditional Mechanical Locks

The earliest locks were simple mechanical devices, such as the pin tumbler lock, which has been in use for centuries. These locks rely on physical keys to align internal pins and unlock the mechanism. While effective, they are susceptible to picking and bumping, prompting the need for more secure solutions.

The Rise of Electronic Locks

As technology advanced, electronic locks emerged, offering greater security and convenience. These locks typically use keypads, magnetic cards, or RFID tags instead of traditional keys. They are commonly found in commercial buildings and hotels, providing controlled access and easy reprogramming of entry codes.

The Advent of Smart Locks

The introduction of smart locks revolutionised home and business security. These locks connect to your smartphone or home automation system, allowing you to control access remotely. Smart locks often feature keyless entry, real-time monitoring, and integration with other smart devices, enhancing overall security and user experience.

One example of Lock Technologies is Kobu:

Kobu Technologies is at the forefront of smart lock innovation, offering cutting-edge solutions that blend security with convenience. Some of their notable products include:

Kobu Smart Lock Pro: This advanced lock offers keyless entry, remote access via a mobile app, and integration with popular home automation systems like Alexa and Google Home. It features biometric authentication, such as fingerprint recognition, for added security.

Kobu SecureLink: Designed for commercial use, the SecureLink system allows businesses to manage multiple locks remotely. It offers detailed access logs, customisable user permissions, and real-time alerts for unauthorised access attempts.

Kobu HomeGuard: Aimed at residential customers, HomeGuard combines traditional lock mechanisms with smart features. It includes a tamper-proof design, easy installation, and a user-friendly app for remote monitoring and control.

Other Emerging Lock Technologies

Apart from Kobu Technologies, several other companies are pushing the boundaries of lock technology. Here are a few noteworthy innovations:

August Smart Locks: August’s smart locks are known for their sleek design and robust functionality. They offer features like auto-locking and unlocking as you approach or leave, voice control, and seamless integration with smart home systems.

Nest x Yale Lock: A collaboration between Nest and Yale, this smart lock offers a touchpad interface, integration with the Nest app for remote control, and compatibility with other Nest products for a comprehensive home security solution.

Kwikset Kevo: Kevo locks use Bluetooth technology to provide touch-to-open convenience. They offer remote access through the Kevo app, allowing users to send digital keys to family members or guests and track access history.

The Future of Lock Technology

As technology continues to advance, we can expect further innovations in lock technology. Future developments may include enhanced biometric security, more robust encryption methods for digital locks, and even greater integration with the Internet of Things (IoT) to create fully interconnected smart homes and businesses.

The evolution of lock technology underscores the importance of adapting to new security challenges. From traditional mechanical locks to the latest smart lock innovations by Kobu Technologies and others, the journey reflects our ongoing quest for safety, convenience, and peace of mind in an ever-changing world.

Locked in and out

Today i was called to a property in Grays where the owner was trapped between the front door and the porch door. The neighnour rang me and when i arrived the owner was sitting in the porch with no keys. I picked the porch door which let the owner out then gained entry to the front door. No damage no new keys

Lock change

I attended a property in chafford hundred where the customer had moved in too a new flat in Chafford hundred and wanted all the locks changed for security reasons. I left site to purchase a lock that i do not have on the van then returned to change the locks. Customer very happy with the speedy the job was done

Rotating handle

Today i was called to a property in Aveley where the inside handle was rotating and not working the mechanism. This type of mechanism does have this problem alot. I advised the customer that the door can still be double locked whilst We wait for the new mechanism to arrive

Care home

Today i attended a property in Romford. The owners required the locks changed . The front door was a double set in which i changed the cylinders and adjusted the doors so the doors would lock. The next was an old metal door and the last was a reasonably new upvc door.


High winds

Today i went to a property in Grays where the owner had gone out with the rubbish just as she got to the bins she heard her front door slam shut. She had no phone and no keys Her neighbour found my number on google and within 15 minutes i was on site i got her in to her property.


Broken key

This evening i was called to a property in Harold wood where the customer had a broken key in the garage door lock ,she advised me she wasnt sure if she had another key. So she asked for the cylinder to be replaced. I removed and replaced the cylinder and asked the customer to check it.




Broken key

Today i was asked to attend a flat in Aveley where the owners son had tried to unlock the door then the key snapped. I opened the door and removed the broken key. I tried another keyed there was sticking which would cause the key to break. I advised the customer and they wanted the cylinder changed

New business

I was asked to quote on changing the locks on 2 doors on a commercial property in Basildon.  The doors had 2 euro cylinders on each. I quoted for 4 ABS cylinders all with the same keys and 3 extra keys. The customer agreed with the price and i returned to fit them now the  customer has piece of mind that any one with a old key cannot enter the property. 

New build door problems

  1. Today i was called to a new development in South ockendon where the key was stuck in the lock. After a while the key broke and i had to remove the cylinder to remove the lock. I removed the mechanism  and mechanism was jammed in the locked position i secured the property with an overnight lock and took the lock away to sure a new one