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Today i attended a property in Romford. The owners required the locks changed . The front door was a double set in which i changed the cylinders and adjusted the doors so the doors would lock. The next was an old metal door and the last was a reasonably new upvc door.


door sticking

I was called to Collier Row Romford in Essex yesterday by a customer who had a upvc door that was sticking when she was opening it. After checking the door I found that the hooks at the top and the bottom were not retracting enough to allow the door to open. I removed the keeps so the customer could open and close the door, I ordered the new mechanism which was delivered today. I rang the customer who asked me to repair it today whilst I was there I replaced the handles as well As I was about to leave the customer asked me to look at the front door as they was having trouble double locking it .with a few adjustments it was locking perfectly

Why a Local Locksmith is Your Best Choice

If you keep up with locksmith related news then you may have recently heard about the steady rise of national locksmith associations all over the country. National locksmith associations are large organisations that are effectively nationwide call centres. They often operate on the fact that they are a local locksmith by purchasing a website and domain name with a specific location in the title. Little does the customer know that there are hundreds of these ‘local’ websites that will redirect all enquiries to the same company’s call centre. The job is then assigned to a locksmith who is based nearby and who will be able to reach the location in a short amount of time.

So what is the problem with National locksmith associations? Firstly, they take away business from genuine, hard-working local locksmiths. They do this primarily by paying huge sums of money for an advertising campaigns and sponsored search results in Google AdWords, where the more money you pay per click, the greater the chance that you will appear first in search results. Independent locksmith companies are simply unable to compete because their budgets do not allow them to do so, and this results in sponsored results for locksmith terms being occupied almost exclusively by national companies.

In order to finance their spending on advertising, National locksmith associations will charge rather extortionate sums of money for the jobs they perform, often two to three times as much as a local locksmith would normally charge. Furthermore, the locksmith who has performed the work on behalf of the organisation will typically get only a tiny amount of the money paid, the rest going to the company. As a locksmith, if you don’t like it then there is not much that you can do about it. If you are unsatisfied with your pay then the organisation can easily find someone who will be willing to replace you.

The faceless nature of these organisations also means that customer experience is limited to the job and the job alone. There is no real chance of building up a long-lasting relationship with a local locksmith that you can rely on. Once the job is finished and the money is paid then that is that.

National Locksmith Associations will often employ young and inexperienced locksmiths, since they will be the only ones willing to work for them due to their inability to get work otherwise. This means that the locksmith service you receive may often be shoddy and subpar. If you register a complaint then chances are that it will either be ignored completely or will take ages to process, eventually having little to no effect whatsoever.

With a genuine local locksmith like PJ Locksmiths you know where you stand. The rates we charge will always be fair and affordable, we will always arrive on time and do our utmost to ensure great customer service and a job well done. Because we are local, we are able to offer a 24 hour emergency locksmith service in RomfordSouth OckendonDagenham and any of our other areas of coverage. If you have any complaints or suggestions we will gladly take them on board and appreciate the feedback.

Most locksmiths who go into business independently will have proven years of experience within the industry. With a local locksmith you can forge an authentic, professional relationship, ensuring that friendly assistance is never far away when you need it.

Security Tips for a Safer Home

lakeside-thurrockAs a locksmith company operating in RomfordDagenhamWickford and other areas of Essex, we have witnessed a great many properties after they have been broken into. In fact, one of our most popular services is lock replacement after a burglary has taken place. While we appreciate the business, we do not want to see our valued customers subject to broken in property, lost or damaged belongings and everything else that is usually associated with burglary. Thankfully, there are a few simple precautions you can take to make sure that your home is safe and secure, greatly reducing the likelihood of getting burgled ever again. That is why we have come up with this simple and effective guide to securing one’s home.

Check the outside of your property for any vulnerable access points and other weak links. When doing so try to think like a potential burglar and scope out all possible routes. For instance, an outdoor wheelie bin could be used as a means of getting up to a first floor window.

It can be a good idea to ask a qualified locksmith to check all of your windows and doors in order to assess their level of security. Some of your locks may need replacing due to poor quality, age or general ineffectiveness. It is better to spend a bit of money upgrading a few locks than risking the consequences of not doing so.

Ground floor windows are often a burglar’s preferred point of entry so it can be worth investing in reinforced glass or a security grille for every easily accessible window on your property.

In most cases burglars will attempt to break into empty homes, so if you go on holiday or leave your home empty for a prolonged period of time you should try and give the illusion that it is being lived in. You can do this by installing light timers inside your home and sensor lighting in your front and back garden.

Even if you are at home, do not keep expensive items in plain view to people walking outside your home. Subtlety is generally the best approach for a secure home – if you go on holiday do not advertise the fact that you are doing so on social media, by hanging a notice for your neighbours or through any other means.

Keep all spare keys safe and secure. If you must have an emergency key then ask a trustworthy neighbour to store it for you. If you have a lockable electrical box outside your home then you can place your spare keys inside while using a digit code padlock to keep them locked in.

You can check online for recent crime statistics online in order to assess whether it would be a good idea to beef up your home’s security. Visit to view an online, interactive map of crime and burglary statistics in individual areas. For instance, click here for recent statistics in Romford.