Internal door

Today i was called to a property in upmister where an internal door would not open. When i arrived the customer had removed the handles,with a bit of minipulation with a screw driver the door was open . Removed the faulty latch fitted a new latch and Re fitted the handles. The customer could now use the laundry room.

Faulty high security cylinder

Today i was called to a property in Grays where the owner had put the key in front door and the key jammed. He asked me come out to see if i could remove the key as the dead bolt was still out and the door would not open . I removed the key then removed the cylinder to find it was jamming up sometimes i checked the lock system on the door which was fine i advised the customer and i fitted a new cylinder this the 3rd time this brand of cylinder has failed and they are not cheap

Night latch problems

Today i was called to a property in chafford hundred where the customer had shut the door and the night latch came away from its fixing,The nighlatch was screwed in to the forend of the door which damaged the door when it came away. I fitted a yale night latch which covered the holes from the old nighlatch. Customer happy with the replacement

Snapped key

Today i attended a property where the key had snapped in the cylinder, i checked the cylinder to find the cam had moved round so the key cannot be removed when the door is looked. I informed the customer of the difference of where the cams should be when the key is removed . I fitted a dual finish cylinder and asked the customer to try the door inside and out and she was very happy with the quick services and gave pj locksmiths a good review on facebook

Faulty euro cylinder

I was called to a property where the customer had opened his door and as he took the key out the cylinder fell to pieces. I arrived removed what was left of the cylinder and replaced it with a new one so the customer could leave the property. 

Garage door lock

Today i was called to a property where the customer had lost the only key to garage door. I drilled the lock and replaced it . The customer now has 3 new keys and the garage is secure 

Commercial Property

This morning I was called to a commercial property in Tilbury. The new owner wanted a multilock euro cylinder removed from his old unit fitted to his new unit and a high security cylinder fitted to the shutter in front of the door. I stock ABS cylinders on the van so I fitted one of them

Door problem

Today i was called to property where the customer was having difficulty locking the front door.After checking the door i noticed most of the keeps where loose or out of line. I adjusted them to where they should be and lubricated the mechanism it also came to my attention that the cylinder was clicking and stopping when you turned the key .I informed the customer and fitted a new cylinder

New flats in ockendon

I was called to a property in south Ockendon where the door would not lock,I arrived to find the centre case was at fault, I returned with a new centre case but I could not remove the mechanism without forcing it out which may of bent the mechanism. I informed the customer and advised that it would be better to replace the whole mechanism he agreed to this. I returned with tbe new mechanism and tried to remove the old mechanism after some time it came out when I looked who ever fitted the lock had screwed through the back of the case in to tbe door which was why it would not come out. I fitted the new mechanism and the customer said it was better than when he moved in when the flats were Brand new.

Damaged handles

Last week a customer asked me to have a look at the handles on the front door, the handle was coming away from the base. The customer asked me to replace the handles as she was concerned the handle would come off in her handle . I ordered the handles in and they arrived today I went to the property to fit them but after unpacking them I noticed they were damaged and informed the customer I could not fit them. I spoke to the supplier and they are sending me a repkacements set