Medicine cabinet

Yesterday I was called to nursing home where the controlled medicine Cabinet key was jammed half way round. The Cabinet needed to be opened quickly so the residents could have their medicine at the right time. I opened the Cabinet, removed the lock to find a small section of spring had broke away and was stopping the cylinder from working. I made some enquires about a new lock but the cabinet was to old and the lock was obselete. I informed the customer and they are going to have a new cabinet

Old Aluminium door

Last week I was called to a property where they was having problem with a very old metal door. I checked the lock to find the lock breaking up I advised the customer and he asked me to get s price. I spoke to the supplier who informed me it was available I quoted the customer he gave me the go ahead. The lock arrived I returned to the property fitted the new lock and replaced the cylinder as their one was very old and didnt always work. The customer tried the door and was very happy

Door closer

Today I was called by a letting agent about a communal door on some flats where a tennant was complaining that the communal was slamming and keeping him awake. It took a while but finally got the door to close nice and quiet. Asked the tennant what he thought and he was very happy.

Keys behind door

Today I was called to a property where a family member had locked the door and put the chubb (mortice) lock keys through the letter  not knowing no one else had that key to get in. The owner had tried her best to hook the keys through the letter box before she called me. I arrived on site within  30 minutes of the call managed to pick the mortice lock open within 10 minutes keeping the cost to the customer down as there was no drilling and replacing the lock and the customer was able to carry on with the rest of her evening

Medicine cabinet

Today I was asked to locate a new lock for a medicine Cabinet in a care home. After removing the lock,taking some dimensions I found a company which could supply it as it was a German  make. This company supplied a different make but will do.exactly the same job. Informed the customer and quoted, they agreed with the price. I have ordered the lock and it will be fitted in next couple of days.

Faulty night latch (yale)

Today I was called to a flat in Aveley where the owner could not get in evening though he had the key, I tried to open the door with the key but the latch was not retracting after trying various ways to open the door it still would not open. After lots of drilling and patience we finally got the door open no damage to the door itself.i have a roller bolt nightlatch on the van fitted it to the door. After looking at the old nightlatch it was a cheap trade make and the working parts inside and failed

Fire door

This week i was ask to attend a van dealer where the door to the workshop would not open as this is a fire escape door it could not be left. After having a good look at it the spindle through the lock had sheered and moved in the handle so not retracting  the lock. The lock its self was not in a good way either, I quoted the customer he then ask me to check another one which again was not fuctioning properly. After a chat they decided to replace both and the handles.  I ordered them in and fitted them on a saturday morning when they are not as busy

Extra security

Last week I was asked to go to a property in Emerson park Hornchurch to look at the security on the property as the property had just been purchased. After having a good look round the property it needed a new nightlatch on the front door as the owner only had 1 key some extra locks on the patio doors by the swimming pool. I went away got some prices quoted the customers he was happy to proceed.I then returned with locks fitted them and the customer was very happy and feeling much more secure

Anti snap cylinders

I was called to a property in Chafford Hundred where the owner had seen videos on you tube about swapping cylinders on upvc doors,I had a look at the rear doors and the french doors on the property and the cylinders did protrude a bit out of the handle.I advised the owner to have ABS anti snap british standard cylinders fitted.These are very good cylinders with lots of security benefits to deter a thief. The owner was imprest with the cylinders and had them fitted giving him peace of mind.

Key will not open door

Today I was called to a property with a wooden door and the key will not turn to open the yale lock.When this happens it usually is the snib has dropped down or in this case builders had put the snib down so whilst they are loading tbe van they did not get locked out then slammed the door shut when they left. With the right tools and some patience the customer was in and no need to change any locks